We use NovaCare Rehabilitation’s WorkStrategies® Program which partners with employers, case managers, payors and insurers to provide a comprehensive program focusing on:

Physical rehabilitation and treatment

Return-to-work/case closure

Injury: When an injury occurs, the WorkStrategies® Program offers injured workers a goal-oriented, progressive and functional physical rehabilitation program based on their specific job demands. This program facilitates safe and rapid return to work.

Recovery: In some cases, due to the severity of an injury, return to work may be longer than desired. This can result in deconditioning. Our specialized program offers work conditioning that helps an injured worker become fully prepared to return to their job with a task-specific conditioning program.

Closure: Managing the rehabilitation process of an injured worker, at times, may end with the individual unable to return to their original job. The WorkStrategies® Program offers Functional Capacity Testing that will identify the physical abilities of the injured worker, providing valuable information in the case closure process.

Customized Return-to-Work

Our Return-to-Work Programs are designed to provide job-related and injury-specific therapeutic interventions to create customized and cost-effective approaches to the treatment of work-related injuries.

Program features include:

Early intervention strategies and ease of access through our Care Management Office (CMO)

Customized clinical strategies that are aggressive, functionally-oriented and scientifically-based to facilitate early return to work

Partnership approach for injured workers, healthcare team members and employers

Job simulation models for clinical advancement and early return to work

Ongoing utilization/patient management

A full product offering with seamless delivery of services may include:

  • Acute/sub-acute physical and occupational therapy
  • Work conditioning/physical re-conditioning
  • Comprehensive testing services such as Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) and Functional Baseline testing

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) provides a comprehensive evaluation that measures strength, endurance, physical demand work level and positional tolerance. The data gathered through this evaluation objectively defines the injured employee’s physical capabilities.

The FCE is an important tool used to assist employers, physicians, insurance companies, attorneys, case managers and vocational consultants to determine safe, functional levels for an individual to either return to work or to establish functional ability. The evaluation assists referral sources by offering information for adjudication of claims in short/long-term disability, provides return-to-work capabilities and determines ability levels for liability cases using appropriate medical standards.

The WorkStrategies® FCE Program features:

  • Standardized functional testing protocols
  • Peer review research
  • National network
  • Certified FCE evaluators
  • Quality assurance monitoring