Dr. Zimmer is consistently named one of Cleveland’s best orthopedic and upper extremity surgeons by his peers in the medical field.  Here’s a sample of what Dr. Zimmer’s patients have said about him on Healthgrades.com.

“Doctor Zimmer was there for us during a very difficult time and I can’t say enough that justifies the outstanding care and dedication he gave to me during this time. Dr. Zimmer and his staff deserve more than 5 stars as far as I am concerned.”
-Ervin H., Dorset, OH

“Dr. Zimmer demonstrated all the kindness, attentiveness and humanistic intangibles one can hope for in a doctor! He talks to you, explains the issues and answers all your questions in a way, only a true specialist in his field embodies. He unequivocally has a supreme mastery of his specialty, which is delivered with a clear and demonstrative understanding of his craft. Beyond a doubt, Dr. Zimmer is one to be looked up to and emulated by his peers!”
-Dawn F., Mentor, OH

“Dr. Zimmer & his staff are a complete package of 5 star traits! Reflective of a mission statement, obviously ingrained in the fabric of his entire practice. He delivers a level of exacting technical and personal skills, a combination clearly surpassing all matrix’s that judge a Dr-period! He exemplifies doctoring of the highest order. Driven to assuage all patients concerns-calmly addressing their anxiety. An ability far too few in his trade possess! His doctoring future has icon written all over it!”
-Mark H., Painesville, OH

“Dr. Zimmer is professional and very knowledgeable. My hands are my tools and very important in my vocation as well as my hobbies. His diagnosis was thorough and accurate. He explained fully what my condition was and what needed to be done to repair it. My surgery was well done and went exactly as Dr. Zimmer had explained it. I am pleased with the care and work that I have received from Dr. Zimmer and his staff. I have recommended Dr. Zimmer and will continue to do so. Thank you, Dr. Z!”
-Name not provided, Chardon, OH

“Kind, caring and positive. I always look forward to seeing Dr. Zimmer.”
-Kathy, Painesville, OH

“Dr. Zimmer removed a ganglion cyst from my right ring finger/palm surface over a year ago. I have had 0 problems and was pleased with all aspects of my care. He fused both my thumbs in 2009 and 2011 (occupational hazard), and I continue my fairly strenuous use of my hands without issues 8+ years later. Dr. “Z” – u rock!!!”
– Susan

“I recently had a second surgery with Dr. Zimmer and could not be happier. 3 years ago I had fractured my radius and he fixed it with a plate and 12 screws. I was back to work less than 2 wks later and have had absolutely no problem with it! In August I had to have rotator cuff and labrum repaired. It ended up being very complicated. He actually diagnosed the rotator cuff upon exam and the MRI had not picked up. He is incredibly thorough and extremely kind. I could not recommend him more highly!”
– Mary, Chardon

“I have been dealing with a broken scaphoid for almost 10 weeks now and casted since January. I had gone to Dr. Zimmer today because I had heard he’s an amazing hand surgeon and from what I experienced and today-I agree! Dr. Zimmer within one short but very informative and comfortable appointment had told me what I should have heard from the other docs on day 1-that yes this needs surgery and he won’t make me wait past next Friday and it will be done! He’s awesome!”
– Allie F.,  North Ridgeville

“I had carpal tunnel release surgery a few weeks ago. From my initial visit with Dr. Zimmer to surgery and finally follow up, I was very satisfied with his knowledge, ease of communication, surgical skills and friendly staff that made it all come together. I actually found his name from these reviews, and his high marks proved to be accurate. Thanks for fixing my hand, Dr. Zimmer!”
– Nora, Mayfield Heights